Wow, here's an extremely sad story with which to start your week. A new mother in West Oakland, apparently suffering from postpartum psychosis, went into a bedroom with her 3-month-old, sealed off the room with plastic and tape, and filled the room with carbon monoxide gas by burning charcoal bricks. A relative came in, thought something seemed suspicious, and called the mother's husband, who immediately came home from work to find the baby dead and his wife unconscious. Firefighters estimated that the room was filled with 93% carbon monoxide when they got there. The mother had previously attempted suicide a number of times after giving birth but the authorities had not been contacted. The mother is currently in critical condition.

Postpartum depression is pretty scary, and if left untreated, it can ruin a lot of lives (well, there's an understatement: see the most recent high-profile sufferer, Andrea Yates, pictured above). Please, please get help if you or someone you love is showing symptoms.