When we first saw a t-shirt for an actual kickball league, we were pretty sure it was the coolest thing we had ever heard. After playing for several seasons, we can say that it really is the coolest thing we have ever heard. Now in its third year, San Francisco's very-own Division of the World Kickball League (or as it's known by those truly in the know, WAKA) features two leagues, one on Wednesdays and one on Thursdays. WAKA is for those who think that all those playground sports that were played in Elementary School could have been vastly improved with the addition of beer-bongs and jello shots.

2004-12.jpgFor those who don't remember that far back, kickball is a kind of a hybrid game that combines softball with soccer. Instead of hitting a ball with a bat, players kick a big red ball. Even better, fielders are allowed to throw at base runners. Who doesn't love throwing things at people? The best part of the league is the All-Day Playoff Tournament, when the remaining eight or so teams compete to crown the Kickball Champion in round-robin fashion. It's not uncommon to see teams make a day of it by bringing stuff to grill, catered spreads, and the occasional shrimp cocktail. And lots and lots of beer. What happens afterwards is usually a blur but we seem to remember something about dunk tanks, electric trolley cars, and table dancing. Fall season starts September 2, but spaces are still available for both nights.