We do love our protests here in the Bay Area. We love them so much that we follow protests in other cities like some folks follow football. Except it's always the same two teams: the protesters versus the cops. You can guess who SFist is rooting for.

Medea Benjamin, founder of Code Pink, led a delegation in the massive march on Sunday that some estimates placed at half a million people. The march was led by local boy made good Danny Glover, among others. He walked arm in arm with Michael Moore, who was invoked to jeers and laughter by John McCain during his address to the delegates yesterday evening. Speaking of delegates, the California delegation, led by Regent Parsky, Chairman of the UC Board of Regents (what on earth did he and Dolores Huerta talk about?), is definitely looking forward to tonights speech by the Governator. Look for the recap in tomorrow's Chron.