SFist loves us some women's beach volleyball. Sand, sun, world-class athletes and hot girl-on-girl action [Ed. Note: We really hope this doesn't get us filtered out of our own site at work.]. Our dream matchup - the United States versus Brazil in the gold medal final - totally came true. And after a quick forty-five minutes, heavily favored southlander Misty May and Stanford grad Kerri Walsh prevailed over Adriana Behar and Shelda Bede in straight sets, 21-17 and 21-11.

In other Olympics news, Oakland's own Andre Ward defeated light-heavyweight favorite Evgeny Makarenko of Russia with a commanding 23-16 win on points. He is now guaranteed a bronze and becomes the favorite to win gold. We don't know how bad life may be in Russia, but we'd like warn boxers around the world not to mess with pugilists from the 'Town. Life there can be really, really rough.

In other Bay news, former Stanford outfielder Jessica Mendoza went six for twenty (.300) with five runs and five R.B.I. for the gold-medal U.S. Women's Softball team. Cal Bear Pete Cipollone, all 5' 1" of him, shouted the U.S. Men's Eight to gold in the 2,000 meter race. Oakland's Marion Jones, with the BALCO allegations hanging over her, will be competing in the Women's long jump and 400-meter qualifiers today.