Just when SFist thinks they have seen it all, something else crazier shows up. Keeping with our recent cat theme, "Cat Man" is a man who actually believes his ancestors are cats; he would like to look as similar to a tiger as possible. Cat Man has spent 20 years "becoming" a cat, and has spent over $200,000 to become one. Wow. That's ALOT of plastic surgery including eyebrow implants, silicone injections, tattoos, ear reshaping, a bridge implant, a cleft lip, and a relocated septum. What about the whiskers?? He has renamed himself from Dennis Avner to Stalking Cat, and his life is (obviously) consumed by his so-called lineage. He has even learned to walk with little or no noise. Um, ok. He wears a mechanical tail which swishes back and forth, and eats rare or raw meats. Mr, Avner, oops I mean Mr. Cat, admits his next body enhancement will be mounted tiger ears, and *gasp* he hopes to have surgery which will enable him to walk on all fours. What kind of surgery is THAT? For more ghastly tales, tune into VH1's Totally Obsessed tonight.