Those of you who were bipedal in 2002 will probably remember almost every day that year, there was someone getting hit by a car on 19th Avenue or a child getting hit by a MUNI bus or something similarly bad, and they ran those ominous public service ads with taglines like "Sorry I killed your grandma, I didn’t want to spill my latte." Well, recently-issued reports show that walking in San Francisco has become significantly safer this year. Pedestrian-vehicle injuries are down 21% from last year (from 203 to 160), and pedestrian-vehicle deaths are down 50% (from 12 to 6). The police credit this news to an increase in citations (for both overeager right-turners as well as jaywalkers) and those little countdown clocks they now have at busy intersections. The police caution, however, that the problem is now people who think they can beat the clock, and note that if they catch you entering the crosswalk after the countdown begins, you can be fined for jaywalking. ....No way!

Learn more about the city’s traffic safety program and outreach plans! SFist is very into the newest traffic safety campaign (cute kids with the logo: “We Live Here! Please slow down!" in both English and Spanish).