The opening running of the bulls at this year's Pamplona Festival in Spain left five people injured — three Spaniards, a Kentucky man and a San Francisco man. All of those injured are expected to make a full recovery.

The unidentified man from San Francisco is reportedly 46 years old, and sustained a goring injury in the neck which required emergency surgery. The Kentucky man, aged 23, as well as a Spaniard, were both gored in the thigh. The two other Spaniards sustained head injuries, according to the Associated Press. In total, 48 people were treated at the opening run.

The BBC reports that, in total, 16 people have died at the Pamplona bull run since 1910 when records of the event began. The last death occurred in 2009, when Daniel Jimeno Romero was gored in the neck.

According to NBC Bay Area, the opening run took place on Friday and lasted 2 minutes and 41 seconds. This marks the start of the nine-day festival. The days begin with the release of six bulls every morning to run through the streets towards the bullring, where they will be killed during bullfights.

The festival attracts around one million spectators annually, to either take part in the run or observe from the balconies above. Attendees also include animal rights activists, who demonstrated at a public protest on Friday, condemning the killing of the bulls for sport. The festival, which occurs at this time every year, also includes music, fireworks, a religious procession, sport and dance performances and of course, plenty of partying.