Betai Koffi, a software engineer at YouTube and a San Francisco resident, perhaps consumed more LSD than he should have while on vacation in Bodega Bay — downing an extra couple hits, according to friends, after initially freaking out on his first two. And he is now charged with multiple counts of attempted murder, and suffered a life-threatening gunshot wound from police.

The 4th of July holiday brought 32-year-old Koffi and five of his friends to Bodega Bay to rent a house on the beach and enjoy the long weekend. As the Press Democrat reports, it wasn't until around 8 p.m. Thursday when things got out of control. Around that time, Koffi had consumed two additional hits of LSD, after already appearing delusional after consuming two hits earlier in the day.

During this time, Koffi tried leaving the house but was stopped by friends who were trying to keep him inside. The friends say he then proceeded to punch a woman in the stomach and side, stab a man in the chest with a pencil, and choked another man, as ABC 7 reports.

At this point, he jumped into the group's rental car and crashed it into the garage of the rental home, before taking off running down the street. A security guard in the area tried stopping him, but Koffi allegedly stabbed him in the chest with the pointed end of a landscaping stake.

According to authorities, Koffi then stole the security guard's pick-up truck and started driving through the Bodega Bay neighborhood, attempting to run over pedestrians who were walking by. He then reportedly managed to hit three additional people and drive through yards before finally being confronted by the Santa Rosa Police Department.

As Santa Rosa Police Capt. John Cregan tells the Press Democrat, "He was driving through the neighborhood and ran over several pedestrians who were just walking and enjoying the evening."

The police and sheriff's deputies were blocking the street and standing outside of their vehicles when Koffi allegedly accelerated into the officers' cars. One of the deputies was able to fire several shots into the pick-up until it stopped. An injured Koffi, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, was taken to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, where he remains in critical condition.

He is facing two counts of attempted murder, three counts of assault with a deadly weapon, and one count of carjacking, per ABC 7.

The injured pedestrians and security guard are being treated for their injuries. Two of the female pedestrians that were hit by Koffi are suffering from serious injuries, but both are expected to recover. None of Koffi's friends required medical attention.

Incidents like this are unusual for Bodega Bay, which is normally a quiet coastal town north of San Francisco. However, most residents were not startled by the gun shots because it was July 4th, they came in a cluster, and most thought the noise was from fireworks going off in the area.