The fences have come down, the dogs have returned to their long-closed play space, and Alamo Square Park is open once again, for the first time in a year following a $5.3 million renovation. The reopening ceremony was Wednesday morning, and shortly thereafter, ABC 7 took out their Drone7 quadcopter to shoot the pretty video above, from up above the trees, showing the new park facilities (new bathroom!), and newly laid sod.

Several of the hillsides have been left with long, unmowed, tropical-looking grass, and no, I don't totally understand why after spending all this money on new irrigation and sod some of the grass looks a little brown already. But maybe it just needs a little more time!

This pretty, two-block-square park in the center of the city will never be as warm or as popular as Dolores Park, but it's back in business and ready for your picnicking, just in time for a holiday weekend.

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