The guy we learned about on Monday who's allegedly been terrorizing his neighbors in the Excelsior over street parking in front of his house failed to appear in court Wednesday to face charges stemming from an improvised explosive device that went off in a neighbor's yard last week. A bench warrant has now been issued for 32-year-old James Novello, a paramedic with the San Francisco Fire Department, and as CBS 5 reports, he was rearrested on Tuesday after initially posting bail last week following his initial arrest.

Novello was initially supposed to be arraigned Tuesday afternoon, as KRON 4 explains, but he had to be arrested again and remanded to custody after prosecutors said they would be filing 20 additional counts against him, bringing the total number of charges to 26. Novello is suspected of possession of a destructive device, detonation of a destructive device, exploding a device with intent to injure, and attempted arson, among other counts.

After posting another $400,000 bail and being released Tuesday, Novello did not appear for for his Wednesday arraignment, and according to CBS 5, prosecutors said they made multiple unsuccessful attempts to reach Novello's lawyer.

The charges all stem from multiple acts of alleged vandalism, including the egging of a house, breaking of car windows, and the aforementioned bomb, which neighbors on the 100 block of Madrid Street were all likely the acts of Novello. Reportedly, Novello has a temper and has been repeatedly upset over people parking in a curbside space or spaces outside his home.

Novello has been placed on non-working status with the SFFD as of last week, pending this investigation and any charges.

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