A crumbling, tiny shack that was recently listed for $350,000 in the Outer Mission/Oceanview — and subsequently made the viral rounds because, yes, this is what property is worth here despite the condition — might actually be a historic "earthquake shack" and therefore difficult, or impossible, to demolish if it's deemed so. As Curbed reports, the little house at 16 De Long Streetis currently the sixth cheapest property in San Francisco, and a listing agent for the property believes it may be one of the 5,000 or so homes built in a hurry following the 1906 earthquake and fire, based on its layout and the comments of an architectural historian who looked at it.

A local "community historian" also insists that the 765-square-foot house is "two 1906 earthquake refugee cottages" put together, but if Planning gets involved with this and deems the place a historic resource, that could spell doom for any potential buyer who wants to raze it and build something new. The current owner, who's had it for 20 years, doesn't seem to know either way.

Listing agent Brian Tran simply says, "Basically, it's up to the buyers and their agents to do due diligence on the property."