Instagram and Tinder are natural bedfellows. First, Tinder already integrates with Facebook, which owns Instagram, so basically it's all in the same incestuous family. And second, with the right degree of determination and personal information, you could already find someone's Instagram from Tinder and stalk from there.

But now the two are fully a couple, and you can in essence swipe right on someone's 'grams if you like what you see. As the above ad illustrates, Tindergram (not what it's really called) will help you filter through potential matches to see whose filters you like the best.

As TechCrunch reports, "With Instagram inside Tinder, users can click into a user’s Instagram profile and see the most recent 34 pictures, with the ability to click directly into their profile to see the whole thing, check out comments, who liked it, and more granular details." If granular is hot to you, you can adopt the feature. And if your Instagram account is private there's an option to grant Tinder access anyway.

Now more than ever, get ready for incredibly unrealistic expectations about your potential date's life and lush eating habits. Also, as the Washington Post reports, don't get too excited about seeing anything too revealing on Insta. The company has updated its nudity policy, which is basically: "nope." For that kind of thing you'll have to wait for Snapchat integration.

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