"I Left My Heart In San Francisco" had just been written five years earlier, and in 1958, YouTube poster Jeff Altman's grandfather had just paid a visit to the Golden Gate and its environs. "My grandfather took a trip through San Francisco in 1958," writes Altman, "with (what I'm putting together) a group from the American Legion." So take a trip back to the city that was, from the old school cable car ads to the old school chain smoking.

The footage, flagged by 7x7, was scanned at a discrete 18fps and extrapolated to 24fps "to create smoother motion." As Altman explains to a curious commenter, "This was scanned on a Spirit Datacine (aka a Spirit 1) and was color corrected on a daVinci 2k Plus.The conversion from 18fps to 24fps was done on daVinci Resolve utilizing the Optical Flow interpolation. Fortunately, the film was in pretty good shape, so that made the entire process fairly simple." What would you have done back in 1958 in Frisco? Okay, fine, the interdiction by Herb Caen had already been voiced back in 1953, but maybe it hadn't caught on yet.

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