The Hidden Cash phenomenon is back in San Francisco this weekend and the bounty might be hidden in Pez dispensers.

Via its @HiddenCash Twitter account, the international cash scavenger hunt announced today that there will be “BIG cash drops in San Francisco and New York City (not only Manhattan)."

That tweet was followed by the question: "Pez again for next drops - yes or no?"

Earlier this month, Hidden Cash buried Pez dispensers with $100 bills in a Los Angeles park, which attracted 1000 people and led to $5,000 in damages plus $1,700 in police overtime to control the crowd, LAist reported.

As SFist previously reported, a millionaire Bay Area real estate investor named Jason Buzi is behind the free money campaign, which spreads the word through Twitter. In an interview with Gothamist, Buzi says it's not about the money, but rather "the thrill of the search."

It all started in the Bay Area in May, when Hidden Cash left marked envelopes stuffed with $20 and $100 bills in various locations around the city. Since then, the scavenger hunt hit other U.S. cities as well as spots in the U.K. and Germany.

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[h/t CBS San Francisco]