Brace yourselves: Over 20 years after the high water mark that was the show's third season, MTV's The Real World will finally return to San Francisco for what some say could be its final season. Fun fact: none of the latest cast members would have even been born when The Real World: New York first aired in 1992.

Industry types are saying this could be the last season for the granddaddy of reality TV and MTV's flagship reality program. The show has steadily declined in quality since producers figured out they could just feed cast members enough booze to get them drunk, naked and fighting somewhere around The Real World: Hawaii in 1999. In recent years, the show has devolved into a mess of in-house fighting and little to no intervention from the production team. Competition-based spinoffs like "The Challenge," meanwhile, have been doing just fine in the ratings.

The last time the show filmed in San Francisco, the first dotcom boom hadn't even happened yet. The news of the show's 29th season comes on the heels of word that cast member David "Puck" Rainey was arrested again on domestic violence charges. The announcement also follows just one week after cast member Pedro Zamora's boyfriend Sean Sasser, a noted AIDS activist, died at the age of 44 due to complications from mesothelioma. Zamora and Sasser held a commitment ceremony during the production of the 1994 season.

Producer Jon Murray told Variety he is "excited" for the show to return to San Francisco, saying "The city has always been a great place for young people to explore who they are and what they want to do with their lives.” (Which still doesn't explain why Las Vegas and San Diego have both had two seasons.)

No word yet on where the cast's no-doubt ridiculous abode will be located (the 1994 house was a block down from the crooked, touristy block of Lombard Street), but good money says it will be somewhere in the Marina, Russian Hill or a hot tub-equipped party pad adjacent to Dolores Park.

Update: The house will be located at 1244 Sutter Street, just around the corner from Polk Street nightlife.