In the most unfortunate catfish meetup ever, three male victims were robbed on separate occasions when they thought they were meeting a woman who wanted to fulfill her fantasy of rolling around in a large pile of money. Three teen male suspects were arrested Thursday morning after police in Mountain View discovered the money-grubbing online dating scheme.

The suspects, 19-year-olds Nazario Cruz of Mountain View and Jose Urias of East Palo Alto, as well as another juvenile suspect, met their victims online where they apparently looked less like teenage toughs and more like an attractive female. According to Mountain View PD's report, the nonexistent woman would convince the men to meet up and told them to, "bring a considerable amount of cash with them because it was her desire to roll around in it."

When the horny (and apparently liquid) men would show up at the meeting place, they were met with two robber Romeos rather than the paper doll they were looking for. One of the suspects was believed to be armed. According to Mountain View Police, there are three confirmed reports in the case. If anyone else lost a pile of cash to a couple of teens from East Palo thinking they were woman, you are urged to come forward.

Any info should go to MVPD Detective Kevin Galloway at 650-903-6150 ext. 6624. Or via anonymous text to 274637 with "mvtips" in the message.

Update: As reader Tarniv points out, the victims were even more bumbling than we could have imagined. One was taken for his iPhone and a gold ring (hopefully not a wedding band) and another was fired from his job after he stole $2,000 in cash in order to roll around with the fictitious woman. If you're curious, the robbers were using social network to rope in their victims.