While it is far from the first example of aerial drones being used to capture high-flying footage of Bay Area locations, this is the first time we're taking to the skies to observe the lineup at a local surf spot.

Shot by photographer Eric Cheng using a remote controlled quadcopter and a GoPro camera over Steamer Lane down in Santa Cruz, the results are, in a word, rad:

And now for a bit of surf trivia, via Wikipedia:

Steamer Lane was named by Claude Horan while he was a student at San Jose State in the late 1930s. One flat calm day he and his friend Wes Hammond thought it would be a good idea to hire steamships to cruise back and forth to generate waves for surfing.

The spot, which houses the Santa Cruz Surf Museum in the lighthouse, also happens to be where Jack O'Neill perfected the surfing wetsuit and board leash. So now you know.

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