Earlier today, a sensible mid-sized sedan somehow managed to completely roll over on Fillmore near Eddy Street. Windows were smashed and the passenger side seems pretty banged up, but there were no skid marks, no ambulances on the scene and no other vehicles appeared to be involved. SFPD couldn't supply us with any further information when we called this afternoon either. Adding to the mysterious circumstances, nothing even spilled out of the open trunk.

Our tipster Mike reports that it "looked like a movie set" with the car "cleanly placed like that." One perplexed DPT officer on the scene speculated that the driver had the wheel cranked while turning the corner to make the light when they hit the gas instead of the brake, causing it to flip over.

While we wait to hear more from the Police Department about this mysterious rollover, no one else in the area seems to have any further information either. One person nearby photographed the scene from above and another took a photo from down the street, but maybe we're all just victims of a new instagram-friendly Geico campaign.

We will, of course, update when we learn more.