A swarm of jobseekers lined up at the city's newly F5'd Metreon to score a job at the up-and-coming Target store. While San Francisco's left-leaning artisan tastemakers can argue over whether or not a Target is good for the city (hint: it is), it sure will bring some much-needed jobs into the area.

The line outside the complex at Mission and Fourth wrapped around the corner before the interviews began.

What is Target looking for? Well, according to Shannon Rosales, Target's hiring manager for the SF store, "the retailer looks for 'a can-do attitude' more than anything." And if you don't get hired, don't fret. Target has a permit to open yet another location, "and hire another 200 people to staff it," at Geary Boulevard and Masonic Avenue.

The SoMa Target is expected to open its doors on October 14.