From the SFPD's Richmond Station newsletter comes a very noteworthy arrest that happened out in the avenues last week. Just before 3 a.m. on April 23rd, a 42-year-old male suspect confronted his roommate for watching adult videos on his computer in the apartment he shared with his mother. After the perpetrator explained he felt the Internet porn viewing was disrespectful of his mother, he jumped the victim, punched him several times in the face and knocked out one of his teeth.

Besides one epic bonerkill, the victim also suffered a couple cuts on his face before he was able to flee the house he shared with the insane roommate and his mother. The suspect was arrested for aggravated assault.

Speaking of which, what is with this recent spat of roommate-on-roommate violence? If we had to guess, we'd say the skyrocketing rents are leading to some less than ideal roommate situations. But being 42 years old and living with your mother probably doesn't help the situation much.

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