A 35-year-old Dolores Heights resident known as "Zane" was busted by the Feds when he attempted to sell 3 gallons of GHB to a confidential informant in a sting operation last week. Zane (real name Zay Yar Sithu) pleaded not guilty when he appeared before the U.S. District Court in San Francisco last week, although he admitted in a post-arrest interview that he bought sizable quantities of the date rape drug with the intention of flipping the product. The Examiner explains:

Sithu admitted he bought the drug from a source for $4,800 per gallon and intended to sell it for $6,500 per gallon, according to [DEA Special Agent] Medina. Sithu told investigators he had "taste-tested” the drugs himself and confirmed it tasted like “chemicals,” Medina said.

Back in December, another large quantity of the date rape drug was confiscated as part of that Laurel Heights Meth Lab bust.

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