The show that has ruled all television media for the better part of the decade but which may finally be showing signs of age is returning to San Francisco this week to audition hopeful future David Archuletas and Fantasia Barrinos. The auditions start at AT&T Park on Thursday, and wristbands are being handed out today as of 7 a.m. Those who take wristbands aren't allowed to camp in the area, but somehow have to be back in line to audition by 5 p.m. on Thursday. (Wristbands are being given out until 8 a.m. that morning.)

SFist remembers the last time Idol came to town, way back in the early days of the blog in 2005, and when this local segment of the auditions airs this season, this may present a new live-blogging opportunity for us. Oh, but we hate this show, and without Simon or the possibility of J Lo, the whole audition process is going to be way more boring and less mean. Ah well.