The company was founded by eight cab drivers who wanted to help save the environment by reducing carbon emissions. So they bought a Prius, painted it green, and started up a company. Right now there is only one cab out there roaming the streets but they soon hope to have five out there and a lot more if the company takes off.

The cabs get around 40 mph-- the normal mph of cabs used in the city is around 12 mph mpg, although some cabs get better mileage. That's a huge difference. And since they're hybrids, they'll reduce the amount of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. The owners of the company-- a collective of course-- hopes that it will force other transportation companies to think more about the environment. As it is, Heidi Machen, the executive director of the San Francisco Taxi Commission said the commission is looking into making cab companies by only more environmentally friendly cars.

If you're looking to call them, it probably won't be so easy right now because, as we said, there's only one with a few more on the way. Green Cab has a deal worked out with another cab company so if a Green Cab can't pick you up, another cab company will.