So, how's that commute going, subway riders? Any better today? More Muni-Meltdown, or less Muni-Meltdown? Above, we've embedded an animation of Metro activity yesterday afternoon; call us crazy, but is seems as though just maybe things are starting to smoothen out a bit, with the exception of the never-ending clustering around Embarcadero. Of course, as with online profiles, the view from the net can sometimes enjoy a vitality that's lacking in real life.

The crazy part is, according to an anonymous tipster, that the whole disaster is easy to fix: just activate the signal-priority equipment along the Embarcadero. It's been installed, but hasn't been switched on, so the trains are punched in the gut with never-ending red lights. Why is the equipment sitting there unused? Well, nobody's sure. It SHOULD be in use ... but it's obviously not. Our guess is that they simply don't know where the on switch is.

(Srsly, though, some engineers are afraid that giving green lights to trains could back traffic up onto the bridge. But signal timing could be set up so that it didn't change the amount of red lights for drivers -- only the timing. The only way to find out if it would help or hurt is to give it a shot, which apparently isn't something Muni's able to do.)

Muni's apology remains retracted -- they take it all back! They're not sorry for nothing, suckers! So we'd like to know: how was your commute today? Better than the last few days, or the same?

We're hearing word that wait times underground remain excruciating, with staggering crowds. Is that true? We ride the bus to the Mission, so we're spared the misery of the subway; but readers, please please please send us pictures of crowded stations and crammed trains. We'd love to post your portraits of transit misery. And if SFist is too small-potatoes for you, NBC's seeking your testimony as well.