It can get pretty crowded in the cafeteria-style seating area, but on warm weekends it’s nicer to sit outside on the lawn outside of the temple anyway. While the lines to get food can sometimes get a little hectic, it’s smooth sailing after that: You sit outside; you eat your meal; you soak up your Vitamin D before the rain hits on Monday.

Remember to exchange your money for tokens, and then buy your food with the tokens. (We think they make you get tokens for tax purposes). The temple scene is one of those only-in-Berkeley events where old and young hippies roam freely. But the inexpensive meal + picnic is well worth your tokens (did we mention the mango sticky rice?).

Get there on the early side, as the brunch ends by two. For you early-rising city folk, the temple is close to Ashby BART (the corner of Russell and Martin Luther King).

By SFist Jessie