A reader writes in to ask one of the biggest questions there is about MUNI:

I've attached a screenshot of the J Church train on a Friday night, according to Next Muni's site.

Yep, that is five trains arriving within one ten-minute period, for a train that's supposed to go every ten minutes. This is at a stop that is five stops from the terminus, where (in theory) someone should be sitting there saying "A J left ten minutes ago, now it's your turn to go."

Um, what the hell is this? If five are arriving this quickly, that means I'll probably have to wait forty for the next one. This really isn't that hard. What's going on, MUNI?

Good question. We remember being at the Montgomery Station and watching like four or five M,L, and K trains go by, each holding less and less riders in them before we saw our N Judah pass. Shouldn't somebody sit there and go: "gosh, maybe we shouldn't have the same train run over and over again when other trains are late?" How frakin' difficult is it to do something like that?

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