Because you all love sports so much, we're doing a daily feature on the latest in sports.

Warriors 117 Kings 105- What's gotten into the Warriors? They've won four in a row and scoring like Leo DiCaprio in his "P----- Posse" days. Leading the way is Baron Davis who is playing out of his head and playing out of his head a lot as Nelson is playing him almost the entire game every game. Considering Baron's off-and-on again relationship with the injured reserve, we're not sure how smart a move that is. Also playing every minute of every game this early in the season is maybe not a smart move either. Anyways, he lead the way with 36 points.

-Not quite as big as the Ohio State/Michigan State "Biggest. Game. Ever" but still pretty big, your Cal Bears go up against mighty USC this weekend. If Cal wins, they might be coming up Rose Bowl. If they don't, they might be coming up Holiday Bowl. Everyone seems to think Cal has a shot because two years they almost beat USC which . We almost got a date with a cheerleader once but that doesn't mean we were in the same dating pool as people who date cheerleaders.

-The A's made bench coach Bob Geren their new manager. Beane sure is lazy when it comes to hiring. They also lost Frank Thomas, fueling rumors of a Bonds signing. We doubt that'll happen but it should be entertaining to say the least.