So who are these hot people? Do we know any of them? How does one become hot? Are we hot?

So we took a looksee and read through just who was hot. There are some investment bankers turned entrepreneurs, a provider of "lifestyle service(s) for the film industry", an actress, an NFL agent, a nuclear researcher, a trend spotter, and owners of a "boutique lounge".

All of which makes us wonder-- just who are these people? We do not know any NFL agents. Nor do we know any nuclear researchers nor any trendspotters. We do not even know what a boutique lounge is, let alone anyone who owns one. And not only do we not know any of these people, we don't even know where these people exist. Where does one meet NFL agents or lounge owners or investment bankers? Do we pass over them in line at El Toro? Have we accidently spilled beer on them at the 500 Club? Were they the guys in lederhosen at Oktoberfest? And is it us, but are all the people they listed mainly a bunch of gorgeous rich people?

We like reading 7x7, really, we do. But to us, it's like reading New York Magazine or Paris Magazine or Omaha Magazine-- an interesting read about a fun city to which we don't live in.

And no, sadly, being a lowly blogger does not apparently deem us as hot.