Who, you may ask, is responsible for bumping the prices up and quality down? There's a bunch of names indicated by SPUR's report: there's the Geary Blvd Merchants' Association, helmed by David Heller; there's the car dealerships on Van Ness; there's the MTA administrators; and Carol Migden, and state legislators; and even the board of Supes and the Mayor and the Tax Collector's office, and yes, you yourself -- everyone's got a hand in Muni's billion-dollar problem, either by actively draining funds or failing to obtain new sources of cash.

Fortunately, SPUR has a list of actions that would fix service and raise money. (You can take action right now by sending a letter to the MTA, supporting SPUR's "Faster Muni" campaign.) Some stuff is easy -- like enforcing existing laws -- and some of it's more complex, like overhauling Parking Control Officers deployment. Some of the options might not work. But Muni's income depends on the quality of service, and the quality of service depends on income. If Muni can fix one, it'll fix the other, and SPUR knows exactly how to do that.

After the jump: specifics. We've read the 26-page report and distilled it so you don't have to go f**king around with PDFs.