Craigslist trollers, such as us, oftentimes wonder how much thought goes into these values. For some goods, such as cars and baseball cards there are places to get rough estimates. But what about other goods? How does one tell which scary doll is $150 dollars, $1 dollar or $250 dollars?


There is an old adage that something is worth what somebody is willing to pay for it. Unfortunately, that really does not help that much at a place where million dollar dream houses sit right next to flood zone property. This huge variance in buyers and sellers on Craigslist means that the Craigslist price is no gauge of -- only the sellers' best guess as to what they can get for it. In other words, those frightening dolls above could be worth $250,000 at an antique doll convention... or maybe only pennies.

The only real question, at the end of our internet browsing, is: "Did it actually sell?"

SFist Nick, contributing. Pictures of the $150 and $250 dolls off Craigslist postings.

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