A lot of things are changing come this new year. Like our sobriety. And our slack attempts at losing weight. But perhaps the biggest change that will affect us is that starting Sunday, our commute will now be costlier as those long-rumored BART fare increases will finally be happening.

Starting Sunday, fares are going up by 3.7 percent. The minimum ride (say from 16th & Mission to the Embarcadero) will go up from $1.25 to $1.40. Red and Green discount tickets will be going up from $6 to $9 and to help offset the costs of the SFO extension, rides to San Mateo county will be going up $1.10. Fares in Alameda County will also be going up.

Oh yeah, you know how BART officials were whining about how BART was suffering due to lower than expected ridership? BART officials are now whining about ridership going up. The reason for the kvetching is because increased ridership means more service will be needed and more service needed means more money will be needed. The two main reasons for the expected rise in costs are trying to replace an aging fleet (a much-needed thing if you ask us-- have you looked at the condition of most of the trains? They're filthy. The carpets and seat covers look like there’s been twenty years worth of keg parties held on them) and energy costs.

Some people are never happy.