at the Geary Theater
We know, we know: we always lead with an American Conservatory Theater production, if it's opening. Well, we like their photos. OK, we like how easy it is to get their photos. But seriously, read about Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, but then read on, because there's some really quirky and edgy stuff down there. So, the main reason to see Cat, beside the fact that it's the play's 50th anniversary (hey, some people are into that kind of trivia) and it's one of Tennessee Williams's best works, the main reason to see it is because core company member Rene Augesen plays Maggie. She just rocks. And we can't believe she's never played this part before--a good southern girl like her. What's cool about ACT is that the actors have some say in the season's plays, and the role of Maggie was at the top of Augesen's list. So you can be sure she's got a great performance in her.
Playing October 13 through November 13.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof