So maybe you need a present for your ardent younger sister with the stars in her eyes who just finished her first-year winter finals at UC Santa Cruz. Or maybe you sport kitsch tees on the weekends in the lower Haight and think Emily The Strange is just so played out. Or heck, maybe you're just looking for the perfect bachelor/ette gag gift -- locally published Bitch Magazine's selling t-shirts of all styles, sizes, and colors emblazoned with their gimlet-eyed reading girl. Fun lovers of all feminist inclinations may also find the underwear with BITCH emblazoned on the fanny (scroll down) the perfect office Secret Santa item!

btattoo.jpgAll clothes are 100% sweatshop free, cotton/poly blend (a little poly keeps the neck and sleeves from stretching), and are perfect layering for your next indie rock concert. You know Paris Hilton's either going to buy one or get one soon, so beat the rush!

Special for SFist readers: mention SFist in the "messages" box when you buy any clothing item and get either a free sticker or temp tattoo! (Tattoo pictured at right).

This SFist is a member of the Bitch Magazine board, but still pays full price for her tees.

Buy all Bitch merchandise at their site, open 24/7, baby